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new series..

2007-11-15 20:56:17 by LarrytheShlarp

Haven't made flash in awhile. o.o

Anyways, I'm working on a new series called, "Red Boo's Son". Not a lot of people on here will understand it, because I know, probably no one here is a member on Boo Mansion. Although, they will understand it because it deals a lot with BM, and a lot of people don't go to BM here so it will be a bit confusing. But I can explain the basics.

King Red Boo was a low-life n00b that was an admin(I think) on BM, until one day, he got banned and spammed the forum with like, 10 accounts. I wasn't a member then, but I know about it because people discuss it all the time. So anyways, one of his stupid accounts was Prince Red Boo. And I was thinking, Hmm. No one has done a flash about his son, so maybe I will! So, that lead to the idea of me making a flash about his son. So thats what I'm doing.

King Red Boo actually kills Beatmedoh in the first episode. Causing the heroes to find him in the mansion, when they do, he and his son form together, making Omega Red Boo. Instead of attacking, he tells them to find the 9 crystal boos, that will pull them apart. So its off to another adventure with new and old foes and friends. There will be 10 episodes in total(yeah, I like to make long series since the episodes are usually 5-8 minutes long).

To keep you waiting, I guess I'll post a picture or something. 7/watchoutcc6.png




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2008-02-03 23:49:12

lol, i bet ur glad 2 have lots of episodes 2 a series :D, i gota work on my "weirdarama" series, im gunna try n'd make it funy


2008-02-06 14:35:13

u shud make a series wit the 1's u got, its ez :D


2008-02-18 16:47:40

That actually sounds like a good idea for a video game. Anyway I tried to load it on my computer but I couldn't :( anyway good luck with your series.