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2008-05-30 23:31:23 by LarrytheShlarp

It's very nice to know that all of you on Newgrounds accept my work, and actually give me crits without screaming and ranting at me, like the people do on a forum I go to called Boo Mansion(I call it Fag Mansion xD, Tech made Fag Mansion up).

Yeah, I've got someone to be a scripter for me, a friend of mine know as Parakoopa(surely you know him, the awesome Mario & Luigi spriter).

So, now that that is done, I'm deleting this episode 1, and going to remake Episode 1 for the 5th time! WOOO. I'm going to have SO MUCH FUN(not). I swear, seriously, no one on this forum I go to actually thinks this series is good. Except a few people. Who think it's awesome. If they think it's awesome, then they are awesome. Well said? OK, good.

Also changing the name of Red Boo's Son(It's not about KRB's son in the next two sagas, so the name fails) to Crystal Boo Z.


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